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10 things you should stop apologizing for and start doing

10 things you should stop apologizing for and start doing

1. Make conversations with strangers.

We get into our little routines and become so focused on our rhythms that it's easy to pass up a chance to show a bit of kindness (even if it's literally right in front of our eyes). Instead of scrolling through your phone while waiting in line at the gas station, try being intentional with that momentary space to rest. Use the time to create conversations with others around you. Sometimes that conversation will go somewhere, and sometimes it won't; but there are times when most life giving conversations are the ones started unconventionally. No one ever turns down a chance to feel loved. So don't worry about how weird you sound or how you might be perceived - you literally never know what that person is going through in that moment, and how your few words could alter the course of their day (or sometimes life. No joke. I've experienced those types of conversations with people I have never met.)

2. Take the stairs.

You'll feel better about yourself, and bonus- you'll have more energy once you get to the top (and once your breathing has normalized ;) )

3. Practice discipline. 

Discipline gets a bad rep, but to live a healthy life there always needs to be a balance. Creating habits and sticking to them are important to ground yourself.  It is impossible to grow without practicing some good old fashioned self control. Plus, discipline doesn't always mean doing what is most productive. It also takes discipline to set aside time to feed your soul so that your spirit comes alive.

4. Take more baths.

Why are there so many haters who are against taking baths?! Seriously. Light a candle. Put some music on. Bring a book in with you. Taking a bath is a wonderful coping skill because it engages all 5 of our senses. Plus it's like a hot tub all to yourself. Who wouldn't want that? ;)

5. Lean into creativity. 

For the longest time I told myself that I wasn't creative. I thought that since I couldn't get my own work to look like the next person's, that I had nothing to offer. These are whispers straight from the Liar himself. We were created to create. It doesn't matter how "good" you are at it, there is something that ignites our passions while we create. So cook or bake or write or color or build or plant flowers or paint or letter. Whatever you've been dying to try, try it. Don't let your left brain lie to your right and tell you that there's nothing there.

6. Let the emotions in.

Society teaches us to stuff our emotions down, and pretend like they don't exist. How many times have you asked someone how they are doing, and they answer "I'm fine".

Does that even tell you anything about them?!

 Emotions are healthy, and feeling deeply causes us to come alive. So feel all the feels. It's important for depth, growth, and just plain honesty (with yourself + others).

7. Engage in a make up free day every once and a while. 

I'm all for days of prettying myself up. I love being able to put on an outfit I love  paired with a lipstick that pops. But it always makes me cringe when I hear other women say that they can't leave the house without putting on certain clothes or a face full of make up. Putting the restriction on ourselves that we always have to wear make up or look our "best" not only limits us, but it also teaches us that we are defined by the way we look.

8. Do things unconventionally.

Why put up walls that don't need to be there? The more I live into my "unconventional desires", the more free I feel myself becoming. Besides an offhanded comment or two, do people really care what you do with your life? So wear those Birkenstocks with that dress to that wedding. It's important to be bold in who you are, and sometimes the little things actually mean the most.

9. Let that car pass.

Ugh. I hate doing this. I'm so competitive when it comes to driving, which literally makes no sense. We aren't racing each other to the same place, so why not let the person in the other lane in? It's a simple way to help someone out, and it requires basically no effort.

10.  Be vulnerable.

We are all messy and imperfect. Trying to hide that mess paints a picture that is just not accurate. Loving others through their story gives a gift that we all long for- one of belonging and acceptance. Being courageous in vulnerability will open doors for others to also be brave. Plus, no one is buying it that your life is actaully perfect. 

The greatest gift to God is man fully alive. Living a life with wide eyed awakening can only be found when we are not living into the restrictions around us, but instead breaking free to dance wild and unashamedly in the streets. My hope is that today you can take just one step closer to unapologetically embracing your inner wild child.

Striving to live fully alive,


Living in a 5 second world

Living in a 5 second world

Taking a bath at ten after midnight

Taking a bath at ten after midnight