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10 dates for under $20 (+ a HUGE life update!)

10 dates for under $20 (+ a HUGE life update!)

A lot of you have been following along on our journey over the past year and all the craziness that has embodied it. We got married, worked tirelessly on our respective careers, and then decided to commit to a 6 month intensive discipleship training program through our church. When Cal unexpectedly lost his job in May, we were in a season of desperate need. Read more about that here. What I have not shared, yet, is that Cal and I have been seriously considering a career switch for him. It was evident before he even graduated that accounting may not be the best fit for him. So, when God very clearly pulled him from his job, Cal came to me and voiced that he wanted to pursue a different pressing on his heart. We began fasting, praying, and seeking guidance from our community and families, all while looking to scripture. We asked and asked and asked, and each time God seemed to say the same thing:

"This is how I made you. This is what makes you come alive. This is how you worship."

SO, our lives have been in the process of Cal transitioning out of accounting and into AVIATION. I can't tell you how immensely proud I am of the bravery, boldness, and perseverance Cal has shown during this season. Satan tried to throw a bowling ball into our lives to knock us out, but instead of falling, Cal has led us in building our foundation on solid ground. Although we have not officially made the "official decision" yet, we are about 95% there.

I had the incredible opportunity of flying with him for the first time a few weeks ago. Sitting in the backseat, in a tiny Cessna plane, I fought back tears because of how good our God is. Bringing us into a life we would have never chosen without his direction, I am blown away by His mercy and grace. I have about a billion thoughts on how to wrestle through big life decisions when you feel ill equipped, how to support your husband/spouse in career changes, how to trust and discern, how community is essential in times like these, how to fight fear when life throws you curveballs...the list goes on and on, and I will save those thoughts for another blog post (or ten, ha!)

Since Cal lost his job and is now transitioning into a new career, we have had to prioritize our spending more. Quality time does not always have to be spending a lot of money. Since date nights are essential to a healthy and thriving relationship, we have had to get creative in how we spend time together, and I have to say- it's kind of fun. I enjoy the challenge of thinking outside the box and finding new ways to be together. Below are ten of my favorites: (there are a few on here that we have yet to try, but are on our list!)

1. Split a milk shake at Steak n Shake.

Cal and I love getting ice cream. It's the perfect dessert after a hot meal. The longer I've been married to Cal, the more I start to understand that his world revolves around only two types of ice cream: Chic-fil-a shakes and Steak N Shake shakes. Luckily, Steak N Shake is always sending us coupons in the mail for buy one get one, or a discount off of a milkshake. This has become somewhat of a date ritual for us- grabbing late night milk shakes and catching up on our weeks.

2. Buy s'mores ingredients and cook them over the stove (or grill!)

Because who doesn't love a good s'more?! Put on your PJ's and fluffy socks, light some candles, turn on a movie, and get cozy.

3. Watch the airplanes fly by.

Instead of watching the stars or sunset, try switching it up and driving to your local airport to watch the planes take off. If the weather is nice, you can lay out on the hood of your car. If it's too cold, sip on some hot chocolate and enjoy the still of the evening.

4. Take $20 to your favorite grocery store and pick out a special dinner to make together.

Sometimes we get tired of sticking to our strict grocery list every week, so it's fun to spontaneously go to the store and pick out ingredients as we see them. Plus, there is something about cooking a dish together that brings you closer together. Bonus- you get to enjoy your creation together when you're done!

5. Bike to get a cup of coffee.

Or ice cream 😉

6. Get outside and go for a hike.

Depending on where you live, and your tolerance for the cold weather (ha!), this one may have to wait for warmer days. Hiking is something we love doing together- it gets us out, active, and seeing new places. Plus we have this handy little book to help us know where the best hikes are in Indiana. AND there are different ones for each state!

7. Go on a late night walk through your neighborhood.

Switch it up and go on a walk before you go to bed. It is a quiet and still time to process and just be together. There is something about being together in the dark of the night that feels more romantic and unique.

8. Go Mexican and split an entree.

Mexican places always over-serve, amirite?! I love splitting meals because it often feels like a more unifying experience- it sounds silly, but it takes good communication in picking out a meal together and then splitting it. At least that's how it is with Cal 😉

9. Pick a TV show to binge watch together.

I'm usually not an advocate of watching too much TV, but sometimes it's nice to have a weekend in to laze around and be intrigued together. Our ALL TIME favorites: Stranger ThingsBreaking Bad, andThe Office.

10. Go wine tasting.

Cal and I are by no means wine experts, so we love wine tasting because it is a fun and easy way to try a variety of new wines. A lot of the time you can find groupons for local wine tasting places. Our favorites in Indiana: Oliver Winery and Peace Water Winery.

Enjoy your time together!


Abbie (+ Cal)

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