How many photos will I get?

Depending on the package you choose, you'll get the minimum promised photos. I give you all the best ones! Oftentimes it will be more, but never less.

do you deliver raw photos?

No. RAW images (otherwise known as unedited CR2 images) are never given out. A huge piece of my art and process is the careful time spent on editing and choosing the best images. You will get all of my very best work so you won’t ever need the RAW photos, pinky promise.


The short answer: not really. I love being able to capture your authentic, lovely self and do my very best to capture that magic in your photo. Because of that, my editing is true to life. I am willing to do minor touch ups, and if you are wanting full photoshop work done, I’ll ask that you pay for me to outsource that to another photographer.

What should we wear?

When you book, I give you a full outfit guide to help you pick everything out perfectly! To quickly sum it up: my photography is movement based, so flowy, comfortable outfits with neutral or earth tones are what I generally recommend.

what's the booking process?

Fill out the form below to let me know what you’re dreaming of. I’ll reach out within 24 business hours of submission to get any other details, send the contract over, and get you your invoice. A non-refundable deposit is due at time of booking to hold your date, but the rest is not due until the week before the shoot. You can pay the invoice directly online (via bank deposit or credit card)-- or, I can accept a check!

Can you help us with planning?

Yes, and I do! If you book a wedding with me, I do at least one consultation call, send over sample schedules and timelines, help walk you through the planning process for your day, and ask you to fill out several questionnaires to help us both think through the day.

How far out do you book?

I don't book out further than 1 year. If you are wanting to connect before then, I will save your date and reach out once I am ready to seal it all in stone.