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Since I started my little blog back in August, I have always had the intention of adding resources for those interested. I wasn’t quite sure what this looked like, but I have heard countless women express the desire to dig deeper into the Father’s heart- just not sure where to start. I recognize that making recommendations to others carries a weight; there has to be a certain level of respect we have for others before we decide to take their advice. That being said, this little favorites (resource) tab is for anyone who is looking and wants a fellow Christ follower’s advice on the matter. Take it or leave it, but it’s here if ya want it, darling! I’m so excited to finally be able to utilize this favorites tab and the implications it will mean for me as well. Posting regularly will push me to be held accountable in my own wanderings, and stretch me to wrestle through what has helped me the most in my personal walk. *Bonus for me, I will actually be challenged to FINISH books, ha!* I also hope that this will be a place to strengthen community- walking together in new territory, asking the hard questions, and wrestling with the answers. I plan to post once a month in a book review type format to express how the recommendation has shaped and molded me. I used to post podcasts, sermons, and books on Instagram once a month, but stopped when the captions started to get too lengthy. Excited to get back on the horse and dig deeper!
I am seriously stoked to kick off my new addition to the blog by hosting a little Instagram book club with my blogger friend Kaci Piccillo. We are looking forward to reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan with you, and to be overwhelmed by a relentless God (side note- I’m getting “Holy Spirit goosebumps”, as I call them, while I type this. Our God IS relentless in a fierce, passionate, zealous, and fiery way. Whoa).
We briefly talked about the format of our online book club in our latest Intsagram posts, but I wanted to go into further detail in case any of you want to join but have questions, concerns, or hesitations.
Q: Why did you choose this book?
A: Francis Chan is a pastor who is on fire for the Lord- not letting himself be conformed by the earthly standards around him, and consistently pushing to uncover more of the mysterious and beautiful character of God. Crazy Love is a book about how our God is a God of overwhelming love and fierce pursuit. We live in a culture that is heavily defined by our actions, and this book helps us break free from the cultural norm that so many Christians follow today: that our God is crazy about us- not because of what we do, but because of who we are. Looking to start uncovering the mystery that is God’s love? This one is for you.
Q: How exactly does an online book club work?
A: We will all read together the assigned chapters for the week. Kaci and I will both post a short inspiration each on our separate Instagrams (Kaci's IG & my IG), along with a probing question to get the discussion rolling. We will then host a discussion on our respective photos. The more interaction the better! Our aim is for this to be a safe space to ask questions, challenge each other, and be drawn into deeper intimacy with the heart of our Creator. If there is every a question or concern that you don’t want to publicly post, feel free to contact Kaci or I via our emails (listed at the bottom of this post). We also encourage you to post sentiments on your own Instagram throughout the course of the book club as your weekly experiences inspire you. Use the hashtag #abbienkacireadcrazylove so that we can all keep up with each other’s posts.
Q: How many chapters will I need to read per week to be involved, and how long will this book club last?
A: We are shooting to have two chapters (approximately 20 pages) read per week. We will start January 11 and wrap up February 8. Here is the reading schedule we have come up with:
Jan 1-Jan 11: Preface, Chapters 1-2
Jan 11-Jan 18: Chapters 3-4
Jan 18-Jan 25: Chapters 5-6
Jan 25-Feb 1: Chapters 7-8
Feb 1-Feb 8: Chapters 8-10

Q: What if I can’t commit to reading two chapters every week?
A: That’s completely fine! The schedule is not meant to cause stress, but rather to provide some structure. Our hope is that you will be able to read at your own pace and still follow along via our take-a-ways on Instagram. If you have to skip a week or miss a chapter or two, no worries. You will still be able to have fruitful discussion based off of what you have read. The book is a fairly easy read and is not super theology intense. Francis Chan has an engaging and easy style to his writing. I would estimate the reading will take 30 minutes- 1 hour per week to complete. You could even read a couple pages a day to stretch it out, or substitute one quiet time a week to read and reflect. 🙂

Q: What if I don’t want to read the book but I still want to be involved?
A: We want you to get whatever you need out of this experience! If you aren’t sure about the book, or don’t feel like you have the time to pick up a new read, don’t stress yourself out. We will shoot to word our takeaways in a way that everyone can participate, regardless of if you are reading the book or not. Our yearning is that you would know the deep, deep love of our Father. A Love that is never put in a box or measured by restraints- but one that is outrageous and scandalous and everlasting.  A Love that can be learned and experienced beyond a reading of a book. We hope that this book club will inspire both those reading the book and others who just follow along on our accounts.

Any other questions? Feel free to shoot one of us an email (Abbie-, Kaci- If you would like to have a reminder sent to you for that week’s reading, we will be shooting out an email every Monday night! Want to get your name added to the list? Send me an email and I will add ya!

Looking forward to digging in with you,
Abbie (and Kaci)

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